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September 23, 2021For many years already, our KFM sound sets for the fantastic Kurzweil Forte, PC3/2/1 and K2 series have been here to stay. Get your own sound set now!
January 1, 2018A new year has come, and DLN Sound proudly presents the new member of our KFM family of products: the KFM Collection for Kurzweil Forte! Take your Forte, Forte 7 or Forte SE into a new realm. Order your KFM Collection today!
May 17, 2012Ten years of DLN Sound! Thanks to all our loyal customers who enjoy their KFM sounds for K2 and PC1/2/3 series. Order your own personal copy today!
November 19, 2011Our acclaimed KFM Collection PC3 is fully compatible with the newest Kurzweil family members PC3K7 and PC3K6. Order your copy today!
January 13, 2011Finally. With the advent of PC3 OS v2.0, the wait is over. For the brand new Kurzweil PC3K8, PC3 and PC3LE, we proudly present the KFM Collection PC3! The most powerful Kurzweil synthesizer ever - and now also a killer FM synthesizer!
January 6, 2008A happy new year to all our loyal customers! This promises to be an enticing year with the outlook of the new Kurzweil PC3.
January 18, 2007We are very delighted to announce that we will develop a KFM sound set for the brand new Kurzweil PC3!
January 15, 2007Our acclaimed KFM Selection is fully compatible with the new Kurzweil PC1se! No matter which model, transform your PC1 or PC2 into a true, powerful FM synthesizer today.
March 10, 2006The incredible Kurzweil PC161 is now shipping! Upgrade yours today into a full-blown FM synthesizer with our KFM Selection.
April 7, 2005We are happy to confirm that the KFM Selection PC is fully compatible with the new Kurzweil PC161! Our sounds will boost your PC1x, PC161 or PC2 into a true monster FM synthesizer.
June 8, 2004After our beta testing, we are glad to confirm that the KFM Selection PC is fully compatible with the Kurzweil PC1x! Now is the time to transform your PC1x or PC2 into a full-blown FM synthesizer.
May 10, 2004Download the KFM Selection PC demo sound and hear the FM synthesis power of the PC2 yourself!
March 26, 2004Currently, we are in the process of validating the KFM Selection for the Kurzweil PC1x! If you own a PC1x, you can apply for beta testing. Read more
March 3, 2004We are very proud to announce the KFM Selection for the Kurzweil PC2, unleashing the hidden FM synthesis power of the PC2! If you thought about the PC2 as just a preset performance keyboard: the KFM Selection PC will make you think again! Read more
February 6, 2004Listen to the demos - hear yourself why Kurzweil considers our KFM sounds to be amongst the 'Best of VAST' and selected a number of them for the new K2661 and K2600 factory presets.
August 23, 2003Kurzweil incorporates a number of our acclaimed KFM sounds as factory presets in the brand new K2661! You can download the K2661 presets already now to use with the K2600; read more. To celebrate this, all of our products now have great lower prices. Get your own full complement of KFM sounds today!
August 11, 2003Response times are now back to normal, so your orders of KFM Collection or KFM Selection are again handled within 24-48 hours.
July 18, 2003Please note our extended response time in the coming few weeks. Be sure to order your KFM sounds in time if you need them shortly.
January 23, 2003We are proud to confirm that the KFM Collection is fully compatible with the new Kurzweil K2661, presented at the 2003 NAMM Show, January 16-19, 2003!
January 9, 2003Kurzweil Music Systems will be demonstrating our KFM sounds at the upcoming 2003 NAMM Show, January 16-19, 2003, Anaheim (CA). Visit booth 6112, Hall A, and hear the power of KFM yourself.
December 22, 2002A big thank you to all KFM users for your warm and enthusiastic reactions. Your support is what keeps us going. We are looking forward to a new year with exciting new developments. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
September 17, 2002Kurzweil Music Systems will be demonstrating our KFM sounds at the 113th AES Convention, Los Angeles, 5-8 October 2002. Drop by at stand 1939, listen for yourself - and be convinced.
August 26, 2002We have moved - welcome to dlnsound.com! Our new home will allow us to better serve you, and has plenty of space for new, exciting future products. Be our guest, take a look around, and join the list of satisfied users - read some of their raving comments.
July 31, 2002Response and delivery times are now back to normal. Order your KFM Collection or KFM Selection now.
June 27, 2002Listen to several newly added audio demos. Please note our extended response time in July.
June 5, 2002Now available: the KFM Selection for the Kurzweil K2000 and K2500 - 67 fine sounds from the KFM Collection. Get it today!
May 30, 2002The KFM demo program is now also available for K2000 and K2500.
May 24, 2002Get the KFM demo program and play it yourself! Listen to the additive synthesis audio demo. Read the technical explanation how FM is realised with VAST.
May 17, 2002Now available: the KFM Collection for the Kurzweil K2600! FM and additive synthesis, combined with other sound shaping capabilities of the powerful Kurzweil K2600.


What users say

"Love the sounds! Really helps fill out the e-pianos that were missing in the K2500. Very playable for live situations..."

"This is probably one of the most incredible feats of programming I've ever seen. But all the programming in the world wouldn't make a difference if the sound wasn't good, and the sound here is incredibly good! The electric pianos... wow!! You probably can't get more real than these things"

"I find these FM sounds absolutely the best that I ever got from my Kurzweil...every time I go through the set, again I keep stuck at another sound"

"The detailed manual and documentation of each sound is great... I enjoy the new sounds... the asking price is more than fair"

"In one word: wow!"

"Incredible, the new life you are breathing into my K2600... never thought this would be possible"

"I have an old Yamaha DX-7, but I never got sounds out of it quite like what you're offering. Very nice. Plus, all the additional control features"

"The vibraphone is simply the best one I have ever heard coming out of a synth or sampler! It is so playable and expressive... I just can't wait to see what you will come up with next"


About us

DLN Sound was founded by sound designer, audio specialist and musician Paul Dillen. DLN Sound is based in the Netherlands. Paul Dillen We take it as our mission to provide you with unique, first class sounds with a character of their own for your Kurzweil synthesizer. In developing our sounds, we highly value expressiveness. We have a thorough background on signal processing, and employ novel and science based techniques to develop sounds that were not available before.

Unlike other soundware developers, we put a lot of effort in creating accompanying documentation. All sounds are described one by one, and more importantly, the effect of controllers is documented, along with performance notes.

We hope you appreciate our website. It was designed to let you access the information you are looking for as fast as possible, without long loading times. The site is lightweight, not glossy - let our products convince you. Listen to the online demos to actually hear what our products have to offer you. Read more about our spectacular KFM synthesis technology. Order our products in our online shop, securely and conveniently.

If you have any questions, or want to be kept up to date on new products, feel free to contact us.


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