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We are delighted that Kurzweil has embraced the world of KFM for the latest new member of the K26xx family, the K2661! After all enthusiastic reactions by our satisfied customers, Kurzweil has included a number of sounds from our acclaimed KFM Collection into the fully renewed 'Best of VAST' factory presets of the K2661.

Even better, you can download the K2661 'Best of VAST' factory presets for free at Kurzweil and install them into your Kurzweil K2600 (some of the non-KFM presets require contemporary and orchestral ROM options to operate correctly). Or open the downloaded factory presets object files in 'Disk' mode and load any of the contained programs, set-ups and so on - just like you can with any ordinary *k26, *.k25 or *.krz file.

The following sounds from the KFM Collection are part of the K2661 factory presets (none of these require ROM options); click to audition MP3 example:

Classic EPno
Round lead
Tubular bells

Don't wait anymore. Get more of what Kurzweil itself considers the 'Best of VAST' - order your full complement of KFM sounds today.


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