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Kurzweil's latest performance controller flagship, the Kurzweil Forte, sets new standards in the world of professional sounding, easy to use keyboards for musicians who prefer playing over programming. DLN Sound is very delighted to present our KFM Collection FOR sound set for the Kurzweil Forte.

With its allround factory presets and unprecedented VAST synthesis power, the revered Kurzweil Forte is the premier choice for world class musicians. And today, DLN Sound extends the Forte's power into the incredible world of FM sounds. All Forte models are supported.

The sounds employ DLN Sound's expressive KFM synthesis technology, which takes FM synthesis beyond the classical DX7-like sounds into another realm, extending and combining it with the other synthesis and processing capabilities of the Kurzweil VAST synthesizer engine.

Additionally, and a first for the Forte, the KFM Collection FOR offers several additive synthesis sounds: realistic renditions of acoustic instrument sounds, which have been constructed by analysing and reassembling the original instruments' frequency spectra.

The KFM Collection FOR comprises 89 premier classic and contemporary sounds, including electric pianos, bass, percussion sounds, pads and strings, synthetic sounds, and so on. The sets suit a variety of musical styles: they include recreations of classic Yamaha DX7 sounds, recalling atmospheres of the '80s and '90s, and new, previously unheard electronic timbres for contemporary productions.

Just like our acclaimed products for PC3/PC2/PC1 and K2 series, the KFM Collection FOR sports extensive real-time control over timbre via the physical controllers of the Forte: sliders, wheels, switches, after touch, breath controller, all meticulously programmed. The KFM Collection sounds employ the dauntingly deep effects processing of the Forte to the fullest. Download the comprehensive KFM Collection Musician's Guide in the products section, and listen to the demos.

Take your Kurzweil Forte, Forte 7 or Forte SE into a new realm. Order your KFM Collection today.


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