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You may have thought of the Kurzweil PC2 and PC1 as performance instruments with great factory presets but limited flexibility - now it's time to think again!

For the first time in Kurzweil history, DLN Sound unleashes the full FM synthesis potential hidden inside the PC2 and PC1. We proudly present the KFM Selection PC sound set for the Kurzweil PC2 and PC1! Now you can get the FM based sounds of the acclaimed KFM Selection for your PC2 (all models), PC1x, PC161, or PC1se, which were previously only available for Kurzweil K2500/K2000 users.

The KFM Selection PC contains premier classic and contemporary FM sounds, comprising electric pianos, bass, percussion sounds, pads and strings, synthetic sounds, and so on. The KFM Selection PC suit a variety of musical styles: it includes recreations of classic Yamaha DX7 sounds, recalling atmospheres of the '80s and '90s, and new, previously unheard electronic timbres for contemporary productions.

Furthermore, the KFM Selection PC offers several additive synthesis sounds: realistic renditions of acoustic instrument sounds, which have been constructed by analysing and reassembling the original instruments' frequency spectra.

Every individual sound can be controlled in real-time via the physical controllers of the PC1x, PC161, PC1se or PC2: sliders/knobs, wheels, switches, after touch, breath controller. Effects have been meticulously designed specifically for the PC1x, PC161, PC1se and PC2, using the same quality effects processing as employed in the successful KDFX of the Kurzweil K26xx/K2500 and by Kurzweil's acclaimed KSP8 effects processor.

The KFM Selection PC can be loaded into the Kurzweil PC1x, PC161, PC1se and PC2 from most MIDI equipped computers or sequencer devices. For more information, consult the KFM Selection Musician's Guide which can be downloaded at the products section, and listen to the demos.

No matter which model you own, it is now time to switch your PC2 or PC1 into the next gear - order the KFM Selection PC for your PC2, PC1x, PC161 or PC1se today!


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